To Belong


To Belong

Koen De Preter & Theater Stap

Belongingness is the human emotional need to be an accepted member of a group.
Humans have an inherent desire to belong and be an important part of something greater than themselves.
—  S.T. Fiske

To Belong is a dance performance about solidarity. What binds a group together, when does a group become one? At what point would you go through fire and water for someone? You can meditate or go completely wild together, but when and how do you really feel connected? Theater Stap perform the experience of a group through tailor-made movements. Movements through which they can recognise and connect with one another, movements in which they can lose themselves. But what if you’re not part of the group, if you’re an outsider?

In his work, choreographer Koen De Preter goes in search of natural and authentic movements. In his exploration of the measure of humans, he has previously worked with the 90-year-old Alphea Pouget, as well as a group of performers from a broad range of ages. With To Belong he endeavours to form a group choreography for people with disabilities. 

Koen De Preter
Theater Stap

choreografie Koen De Preter | dans Ann Dockx, Jan Goris, Peter Janssens, Els Laenen, Luc Loots, Nancy Schellekens, Leen Teunkens, Jason Van Laere & Marc Wagemans | dramaturgisch advies Nienke Reehorst | licht & techniek Klaar Vermeulen | kostuums Elisabeth Kinn Svensson | begeleiding spelers Dani Berlo, Ruben Swannet | productie Erick Clauwens

STUK Soetezaal
Wed 3 May 201720:30
Thu 4 May 201720:30

standard 14 — reduction 10 

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