Blind Cinema


Blind Cinema

Britt Hatzius

A film screening/performance with children, for adults.
In collaboration with Artforum 

In the darkness of a cinema space, the audience sits blindfolded. Behind each row of audience members is a row of children who in hushed voices describe a film only they can see. Accompanied by the soundtrack, the whispered descriptions are a fragile, fragmentary and at times struggling but courageous attempt by the children to make sense of what they see projected on the screen for the first time. Blind Cinema makes us aware of the possibilities and limits of language and our imagination.

Each night, the film is performed by a new group of children between 9 and 11 years old. In focusing on that which lies beyond the sense of sight, the attention oscillates between one’s own mind’s eye, guided by the whispering voice, and the shared physical space of the darkened cinema.


Direction & concept Britt Hatzius | Dramaturgy Ant Hampton | Film Britt Hatzius, Simon Arazi, Boris Belay, Maxim, Anne Haaning, Dunkan Speakman | Design & production (blindfolds & contraptions) Britt Hatzius, Maria Koerkel, Gert Aertsen | Production Katja Timmerberg | Workshop coordinator Linda van Hoeckel | A coproduction between Vooruit, Beursschouwburg and Bronks | In cooperation with Tallieu Art Office | Organisation STUK in collaboration with Artforum 

Wed 28 Sep 201619:00
Thu 29 Sep 201619:00
Fri 30 Sep 201619:00

Reservation required via 
Tickets can be picked up at STUK Reception 1 hour before the screening

The 3 screenings are fully booked 
We open a waiting list at STUK Reception on the day of every performance at18:00.


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