Caféconcert: The Folk Collective + Oh Lee Eletronics

Aftermovie - September Folk Tour - The Folk Collective

Caféconcert: The Folk Collective + Oh Lee Eletronics

THE FOLK COLLECTIVE: We Bless This Mess + Rives + Dirt Miles

We Bless This Mess
We Bless This Mess is a solo project of Nelson Graf Reis. Known as tattoo artist by some, known by many others as a member of the band Black-jackers, Nelson moves by his passions. After the chaos and adventure in a Punk universe, WBTM arises, new project created by the need to explore the premise “less is more” and the desire to externalize the positivity and the carpe diem.

Rives  is a relatively new solo project (EST. JULY16) with folk, rock and pop influences, founded by the Belgian singer songwriter / musician ManonGögös who writes storytelling songs with ruthless, sincere lyrics while also wrapped in gentle poetic metaphors.

Dirt Miles
Dirt Miles is a folk-punk singersongwriter from Portugal who’s currently based in London. In February he released his first official single Little Soul that’s a part of his EP Clear Your Path in collaboration with We Bless This Mess and Promised Land Studios.


Wushta (live)
Marcelo Graf Reis aka Wushta started his jour-ney in music when he was 9 years old, studying percussion at “Conservatório de Música do Porto” (Portugal). Some years after, he started playing drums in a couple of alternative bands (Yaiks! , Blackjackers). During his degree in Cinema and Audiovisual he started producing his own music for classes like Sound Design and Music Compo-
sition for Films, where he acquired a taste for the 70’s and 80’s retro sounds.

After moving to London and since he couldn’t afford to have his drum kit, Wushta started producing more, learning how to play different instruments such as synths and bass and exploring whole new genres of music that inspired him to write his debut EP Nuit Américaine/ Fête Sur La Plage which is deeply inspired in the 80’s disco/futuristic culture mixed with VHS Lo-Fi visuals.

Trim (dj-set)
Trim is the futures beats “face” of Sérgio Coutinho. Sérgio is natural from Porto, Portugal. He’s in the music scene since 2008, as a Jungle and Drum and Bass dj, since then he started to explore the electronic music background. In 2009, he started to organize different events in Porto. Since then, Sérgio has been working with the most of the Porto clubs and promoters.
His dub influences and his love for the oldschool electronic allied with the future beats and the dance scene present in the Porto nightlife he came to create a unique style in his productions and dj performances.
Tue 15 Nov 201620:30


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