Celestial Camel

Celestial Camel

Yury Feting

When his father sells their baby camel Altynka, his mother, Mara, escapes to be find her calf. Her disappearance is a potential disaster for the family so eldest son, Bayir, takes off to retrieve her. What follows is part road movie, part coming-of-age as Bayr adventures across the Kalmyk steppe.

Kinderfilm / 2016 / 1:30 / Regie: Yury Feting / Cast: Mikhail Gasanov, Viktor Sukhorukov, Petr Novikov / Rusland / Gesproken taal: Mongools, Russisch / Ondertiteling: Nederlands / Leeftijdscategorie: +9

Wed 12 Oct 201615:00
Sun 16 Oct 201615:00

Reductie: € 6,00

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