Do the Dance #7 - THE COMMON PEOPLE (Grip/Jan Martens & Lukas Dhont)


Jan Martens & Lukas Dhont

THE COMMON PEOPLE is a social experiment, installation and performance rolled into one. Choreographer Jan Martens and film director Lukas Dhont develop a series of duets and an installation with 48 residents from Leuven. The leitmotiv is the lives of unknown fellow city dwellers, privacy versus exhibitionism and the narration of everyday life. The result is a performance that reclaims theatre as a place for encounters, person to person.

The necessity to feel connected to others in our society is becoming increasingly important: the more ‘likes’ you receive, the better. Smartphones and social network sites connect us to each other, but also pave the way for individualism and loneliness: we’re no longer connected with one another but with our screens. THE COMMON PEOPLE brings people together in a more human way, intense and intimate, with physical contact, one to one. 

Jan Martens

een grip productie door Jan Martens | concept & leiding Jan Martens & Lukas Dhont | scenografie Joris van Oosterwijk | lichtontwerp Jan Fedinger | artistieke ploeg Steven Michel, Kimmy Ligtvoet, Laura Vanborm, Yanna Soentjens & Sebastiaan Eggermont | technische directie Michel Spang | productie Klaartje Oerlemans & Ellen Decoodt | internationale verspreiding Line Rousseau / A Propic

STUK Soetezaal
Wed 29 Mar 201719:00
Thu 30 Mar 201719:00

standard 14 — reduction 10


during the performance you can leave the venue as you please. 

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