Country Path Conversation [working title]

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Country Path Conversation [working title]

Veli Lehtovaara

What happens when the mind falls to where the heart is? Country Path Conversation is a trio with Liza Penkova, Mikko Hyvönen and Veli Lehtovaara. It is a performance of letting go of that, which will not stay without a holding. Falling, drifting, floating, and flying, singing within and dancing without, breathing and walking together, it is a conversation with three distinct voices that entangle as they form circular paths in time. A dance where words become what they originally were - trees, stars, and substance of primeval environment - writing turns back to traces of movement.

During this residency we dance, read and work on such questions as: How does the passage of information and energy articulate as thoughts between transforming bodies in a dance? What is waiting in thinking while dancing?

The trio is related to a text of Martin Heidegger: A Triadic Conversation on a Country Path between a Scientist, a Scholar and a Guide.

Veli Lehtovaara (1982) is a choreographer and dancer based in Brussels. He works regularly in Helsinki and lives part of the year at Villa Kaunisto by the Lake Päijänne, Central-Finland. Lehtovaara studied philosophy, dance and choreography in Finland and Belgium.

His artistic practice is focused on giving attention to what we share as human beings with other beings, living and nonliving. His desire for a holistic approach arises from the experience of tension between western and eastern traditions of movement and thinking.

Currently Veli is conducting Natural resources -research project. Parallel to the research he is creating a performance Country Path Conversation with dancers Liza Penkova and Mikko Hyvönen and costume designer Heide Vanderieck. In 2015-16 He created Clandestine sites: Displaced, a series of solo performances in relation to two texts A Lover's Discourse by Roland Barthes and Orlando by Virginia Woolf. Veli has amongst others worked with Anne-Teresa de Keersmaeker, Benjamin Vandewalle, Chrysa Parkinson, Eleanor Bauer, Mikko Hyvönen, Marianna Henriksson, Piet Arfeuille and Vincent Dunoyer.


STUK Atelier 1
Mon 3 Apr 2017 - Fri 14 Apr 2017.

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