Dance and Resistance Endangered Human Movements Vol.2


Dance and Resistance Endangered Human Movements Vol.2

nadaproductions / Amanda Piña

I think the dances can be regarded as part of a human reservoir of movement and relation beyond spoken or written language. 
Amanda Piña

Dance and Resistance is the second instalment from the series Endangered Human Movements, which focuses on dance traditions threatened with extinction. In this second instalment the Mexican-Chilean choreographer Amanda Piña and the Swiss visual artist Daniel Zimmermann bring dance forms from Tabiteuea, Arizona and Indonesia to the stage, that had been catalogued as ‘ritual dances’ by anthropologists in the last century. What might these historical dances mean today? Can the body offer resistance in our neoliberal market economy? For each location, the makers invite local participants, enabling themselves to be influenced by the spirit and the economy of the city where the performance is taking place.


For this performance we're still looking for participants for the preparatory workshops and the performances.

artistieke directie Amanda Piña i.s.m. Daniel Zimmermann | choreografie, dansers & performers Alma Quintana, Yusimi Moya Rodriguez, Amanda Piña, Linda Samaraweerová | dans Solanghe Enriquez Barrios, Liam Spaenjers & guests | choreografische bronnen Yaqui, Mayo, Navajo, Gertrud Bodenwieser, Mixtecs-Mexicans, Mapuche Huilliche, Hanna Berger, Tabiteuea Islanders-Kiribati Republic, Trobriand Islanders, Tenek, Sakkudei | compositie, live percussie & live muziek Shayna Dunkelman & Christian Müller | licht Victor Durán | scène & projecties Daniel Zimmermann | assistent choreografie Paula Chavez | bewegingsmateriaal van etnografische films Lina Maria Venegas, Amanda Piña | dramaturgisch advies Angela Vadori | artistieke adviseur Quim Pujol | kostuums Francesca Aldegani, Anke Philippe | productie nadaproductions | | CO-PRODUCTION DE SINGEL INTERNATIONAL ART CAMPUS, TANZQUARTIER WIEN | THE PROJECT ENDANGERED HUMAN MOVEMENTS IS SUPPORTED BY IMPULSTANZ VIENNA, INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL, NAVE, CREATION AND RESIDENCE CENTER, SANTIAGO DE CHILE, TANZQUARTIER WIEN, STUK - HOUSE FOR DANCE, IMAGE AND SOUND, HELLERAU DRESDEN | SUPPORTED BY MA7 - KULTURABTEILUNG DER STADT WIEN, BMFB - BUNDESMINISTERIUM FÜR BEWEGUNGSANGELEGENHEITEN, BKA KUNST UND KULTUR – BUNDESKANZLERAMT ÖSTERREICH

this event is made possible by intpa - international net for dance and performance austria of tanzquartier wien with funds by federal chancellery of austria and bmeia

STUK Soetezaal
Tue 20 Dec 201619:00
Wed 21 Dec 201619:00

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