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Wed 25 Apr 18 . 16:00 - 18:00

Myriam Van Imschoot (1969) is a performance artist based in Brussels. She has a background in literature and previous work experience in the dance field as a researcher, writer, dramaturge and artistic collaborator.

Ottone, Ottone/1991

Walter Verdin & Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Thu 19, Thu 26 & Sat 28 Apr 18 . 20:00

On the occasion of the Dance Day, Cinema Zed and STUK present the dance film Ottone, Ottone/1991 by Leuven-based artist Walter Verdin and Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker. Ottone, Ottone/1991 is a video edit of the eponymous performance from 1988.

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Faits et gestes

Noé Soulier
Thu 26 Apr 18 . 20:30

Faits et gestes explores the different status of movement. The dancers zoom in on the multiple ways in which gestures suggest movement: the build up to a jump or a pirouette, reaching for an imaginary opponent, identifying, selecting or transmitting movements.

Sat 28 Apr 18 . 14::30 - 19:00

Together with a number of Flemish and Brussels-based organizations, STUK takes part again in the Dag van de Dans on April 28th 2018. The highlight of the day will be the third edition of the OPEN STAGE: we invite dancers and choreographers from Leuven and beyond to present their choreography.

Sat 28 Apr 18 . 20:30

Liz Kinoshita draws inspiration from the ties between necessity and waste, and how such issues weigh on us physically, mentally and emotionally. How is our disposition affected when we engage in thinking about refuse or covert wastefulness?

Thu 3 May 18 . 20:30

The moon is the moon is the moon is a dance trio that deepens your experience of dance. Rather than being immediately bombarded with virtuosity you are instead first introduced to the different building blocks of the trio.

Paradise now (1968 - 2018) [16+]

fABULEUS / Michiel Vandevelde
Tue 8, Wed 9 & Thu 10 May 18 . 20:30

June 1968. At the festival d’Avignon, the famous New York actor’s group The Living Theatre attend the premiere of Paradise Now. The actors want to draw the audience into a state of readiness – ready for action in the world outside the theatre.

Colonial Archive Fever

Lisa Skwirblies
Wed 9 May 18 . 16:00 - 19:00

Colonial Archive Fever explores different modes of storing and transmitting knowledge in the (post-) colonial context.

Catalogue (First Edition) & 7 Dialogues

DANCE ON ENSEMBLE — William Forsythe & Matteo Fargion
Tue 15 & Wed 16 May 18 . 20:30

The brand new DANCE ON ENSEMBLE invites internationally renowned choreographers to get to grips with the experience, charisma and dramatic power of top dancers from the past.

Wed 16 May 18 . 14:00 - 18:00

In the symposium Moving Movement: Dance and Transmission we want to explore how dance today survives and even anticipates its after-life in rapidly developing transmedial and digital environments.

Go Figure Out Yourself

Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus
Tue 22, Wed 23, Thu 24 & Fri 25 May 18 . 20:00

Maybe it’s a cabaret of questions with no answers
Maybe it’s all about ‘you’
Maybe you should come alone
Maybe you’ll find your true love at the end

Wed 23 & Thu 24 May 18 . 20:30

In 2015 Vera Tussing premiered at STUK with The palm of your hand. It became a signature work whereby, in a disarming manner and with ‘touch’ as a guide, she had audiences up on their feet dancing.


ECCE / Claire Croizé
Tue 29 May 18 . 20:30

Love, beauty, poetry and David Bowie are at the heart of EVOL.


SNAP XL [12+]

fABULEUS & 7 Limburgse cultuurcentra / Talitha De Decker
Thu 19, Fri 20 & Sat 21 Apr 18 . 20:30

A spark. An outburst. A trance. With SNAP XL the young choreographer Talitha De Decker has created a shamelessly positive dance production. She drives straight to the core of her passion for dance.

Workshop SNAP XL

Talitha De Decker
Fri 20 Apr 18 . 19:00 - 20:00

Can you create dance performances that are approachable without being too commercial? Find out the answer in this workshop that turns simple movements into complex structures.

Ottone, Ottone/1991

Walter Verdin & Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Thu 19, Thu 26 & Sat 28 Apr 18 . 20:00

On the occasion of the Dance Day, Cinema Zed and STUK present the dance film Ottone, Ottone/1991 by Leuven-based artist Walter Verdin and Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker. Ottone, Ottone/1991 is a video edit of the eponymous performance from 1988.

dance • dance day • film
Wed 18 Apr 18 . 16:00 - 19:00

Sara Jansen is a scholar and dramaturg in dance. She obtained degrees in Japanese Studies (KU Leuven) and Performance Studies (New York University), and was a Japan Foundation Fellow at Waseda University in Tokyo (Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum).


Benjamin Vandewalle & Yoann Durant
Tu 17 & We 18 Apr 17

Hear is an auditive choreography that unfolds around and in between the audience.

Mitten wir im Leben sind. Bach6Cellosuiten

Rosas / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Jean-Guihen Queyras
Tue 27, Wed 28, Thu 29 & Fri 30 Mar 18 . 20:00

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cello Suites are considered a milestone in Western music history. Their ingenious architecture, dancing rhythms and timeless beauty continue to speak to us today.

Fri 30 Mar 18 . 18:30 - 19:30
In the context of the performances Mitten wir im Leben sind, Femke Gyselinck, assistant to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, will give an introductory workshop.

21 Pornographies

Mette Ingvartsen
Tue 27 & Wed 28 Mar 18 . 20:30

 The current neo-capitalist society is dominated by a visual culture that is hyper-sexualised and steeped in pornography. Promotion pamphlets, TV advertisements for makeup, posters in the streets ... all use techniques from the pornography industry.

Tue 20 Mar 18 . 20:30

The New York choreographer Trajal Harrell presents Antigone Sr., an instalment from the series Twenty Looks or Paris is burning at the Judson Church, with which he has made a worldwide furore.

Kalakuta Republik

Faso Danse Théâtre / Serge Aimé Coulibaly
Fri 16 Mar 18 . 20:00

Which events have inspired communities to unite and look for new alternatives? Why do people turn to charismatic leaders? How much power do these people actually have? How much freedom can be found within a movement?


Arkadi Zaides & collaborators
Wed 14 & Thu 15 Mar 18 . 20:30

What kind of choreography arises in the proximity of borders? Talos is a mythical bronze giant whose role was to protect Europa (mother of King Minos) in Crete from pirates and invaders. But Talos was also a research project funded by the EU to develop robots in order to guard Europe’s borders.


Seppe Baeyens
Tue 6 & Wed 7 Mar 18 . 20:30

Under the wing of the company of Wim Vandekeybus, in 2015 Seppe Baeyens developed his first m

Intergenerational workshop INVITED

Seppe Baeyens / Ultima Vez
Wed 7 Mar 18 . 14:00 - 17:00

This workshop is fully booked.

Invisible [8+]

kabinet k & HETPALEIS
Fri 2 & Sat 3 Mar 18 . 19:00

In 2014 Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven met the Italian war reporter Franco Fagetti.

Wed 28 Feb 18, Thu 1 Mar 18 . 20:00

Especially for Leuven, Ballet of Flanders

Sat 24 & Sun 25 Feb 18 . 10:00 - 17:00

On the occasion of the performance Invisible, kabinet k and STUK organise a two-day masterclass

White on White

Marc Vanrunxt
Wed 7 Feb 18 . 20:30

White on White is a dance performance created by choreographer 

Cancelled: Dança Doente

Marcelo Evelin / Demolition Incorporada
Tue 30 Jan 18 . 20:30

 What might dance mean today?


Jan Martens/GRIP
Tue 23 & Wed 24 Jan 18 . 20:30

Due to an injury of one of the dancers, this performance has to be cancelled. Tickets will


Michiel Vandevelde
Thu 18 Jan 18 . 20:30

But we never permitted the birth of logic among us.
— Oswald de Andrade, Manifesto Antropófago 


Rosas / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Alain Franco, Louis Nam Le Van Ho
Tue 19, Wed 20 & Thu 21 Dec 17 . 20:30

Almost ten years after Zeitung

Wed 20 Dec 17 . 14:00 - 16:00

On the occasion of the performance Zeitigung by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Alain Franco and Louis Nam Le Van Ho, one of the dancers will give an introductory workshop about the performan

Monsoon Platform

Europalia, STUK & Kobalt Works
12 - 21 December 2017

An intercultural research platform in the frame of Europalia Indonesia under guidance of Arco Renz


Eko Supriyanto
Tue 12 Dec 17 . 20:30

Eko Supriyanto is one of the most influential dancers / choreographer from Indonesia.

Wed 29 & Thu 30 Nov 17 . 21:00

For several years Mathias Ringgenberg has been developing the ctional character of

Apollon Musagète

Florentina Holzinger
Wed 29 Nov 17 . 20:30

Florentina Holzinger impresses with a series of highly physical performances – inescapable advocating the full expression of st

Cry Jailolo

Eko Supriyanto
Tue 28 Nov 17 . 20:00

In Cry Jailolo seven young Indonesian dancers deliver a powerful messag

RATS [12+]

fABULEUS / Ugo Dehaes
Thu 23, Fri 24 & Sat 25 Nov 17 . 20:30

After successfully collaborating with

Wed 22 Nov 17 . 14:00 - 17:00

Are you over 12 years old, and have a passion for urban and/or contemporary dance? Then delve into this unique workshop that lets hip hop clash with contemporary dance. The choreographers take you on a trip through the different dance worlds and challenge you to learn new movements.


Needcompany / Grace Ellen Barkey
Tue 7 & Wed 8 Nov 17 . 20:30

When the composer Gustav Mahler was diagnosed with a fatal heart disease he confided in a fri

Dance Karaoke

cie. Willi Dorner
Tue 31 Oct 17 . 19:30

Put on your dancing shoes and be sure to be warmed up: we close off Rode Hond in STUK with a proper party in STUKcafé! 

PARTY [6 - 10]

Alfredo Zinola & Maxwell McCarthy
Sat 28 & Sun 29 Oct 17 . 15:00

We’re having a party and you’re invited!


tout petit / Lies Cuyvers & Ciska Vanhoyland
Sa 28 & Su 29 Oct 17

licht! is a performance in which light itself begins to dance.


Mette Edvardsen
Wed 25 & Thu 26 Oct 17 . 20:30

In 2016 Norwegian Mette Edvardsen received the prestigious Ibsen prize for We to be, the fina

Mer- [sold out]

ECCE / Etienne Guilloteau & Claire Croizé
Wed 25 Oct 17 . 20:00

The notion ‘finitude’, or the fleeting nature of life, is a key ingredient in the work of

Lecture about Sad Music and Happy Dance

Shila Anaraki, Aisha Orazbayeva & Matthew Shlomowitz
Sat 21 Oct 17 . 11:30

What do you experience during a dance performance? Does the music excite or upset you?

dance • premiere • transit
Sat 14 Oct 17 . 11:00 - 15:30

Straatrijk considers urban culture to be a fully-fledged art form and focuses on urban dance. They have an original approach to events, workshops and training and recently they even resorted to artistic creation.

Urban Dance Platform

STUK i.s.m. Straatrijk
Sat 14 Oct 17 . 14:00 - 2:00

Urban and contemporary dance increasingly meet despite the many barriers between them.

Shown and Told

Meg Stuart & Tim Etchells
Wed 11 & Thu 12 Oct 17 . 20:30

Like boarded up windows, like stone steps, like the sound of voices


Alexander Vantournhout & Bauke Lievens
Tu 10 & We 11 Oct 17

Two bodies meet one another. One body is active and takes the initiative, the other is a lifeless object. Together they dance a forced duet.


Peeping Tom
Thu 5 & Fri 6 Oct 17 . 20:00

As soon as the curtain is raised you are drawn into an uncertain world. Have we arrived at a funeral or a re-enactment of one in a recording studio? Who is the mother?

Imagine Moving Rocks

Katrien Oosterlinck
We 27 - Fr 29 Sep & Tu 3 - Th 5 Oct 17

Working with life-size game situations, Ka


Louis Vanhaverbeke
We 27 - Fr 29 Sep 17 . 21:00

With little more than himself, a collection of record players and a

Voicing Pieces

Begüm Erciyas
We 27 - Fr 29 Sep 17

There’s something truly magical about the work of

Open rehearsal Mer-

ECCE / Etienne Guilloteau & Claire Croizé
Wed 13 Sep 17 . 15:00 - 16:30

An open rehearsal is a fascinating opportunity to watch the dancers of the company ECCE at work and to have an insight on their new creation Mer-.