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Dans Dans + Stadt

Dans Dans unites the best of three worlds. Jazz without stuffiness, rock without blinkers and avant-garde without pretentiousness. A concert of Dans Dans is by means always too short. For that we can not wait till autumn to hear the new and fourth album. Whereas on the previous albums Dans Dans mostly focused on interpretations and radical treatments of other composers' work, almost all of the new songs are their own original creations. The new album is called Sand and more than ever before, Dans Dans is about three people creating music together, shaping their ideas into their own distinctive arrangements. This is hardly a recipe for perfect harmony though; Fred Lyenn, Steven Cassiers and Bert Dockx approach each other like circling wild dogs: testing, challenging, confronting one another. Psychedelica, garage, jazz, noise and some hip hop, Dans Dans has it all. The music is cinematrographic but also literary: without any effort you can think of different stories with every listen. However delightfully grim and unpredictable the music is, Sand is dreamier than previous albums. Sometimes lingering, thoughtful, fragile, sometimes exciting, extatic, sometimes abrupt and raw, once playful, another time melancholic, always generous, intuïtive, but never fake, polished or prefab. Maybe nightly is the best definition. Dans Dans is making an effort and never taking the easy way out.

Stadt is the story of 4 seasoned, through and through musicians. After long trips through various musical settings and stylistic landscapes they have once again found each other with the formation of their new group Stadt. Both their debut album Kind of Diversion and follow-up Escalators mix krautpoprock with a small cloud of psychedelia and allows it to swell through the streets. You’ll  be taken aback hearing Stadt, because behind that seemingly quiet city square lies a screeching boulevard full of traffic where sounds truly spring loose and burst open.


Dans Dans

  • STADT - False alarm
STUK Labozaal
Wed 30 Nov 201620:00
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