Ulrich Seidl
ma 27 & do 30 mrt

Ulrich Seidl, the master of the wonderful but uncomfortable documentary, examines the trophy hunting phenomenon of the white tourists in Africa.


Reiner Holzemer
do 30 mrt

After three years of insisting, the German filmmaker Reiner Hölzemer was granted permission to follow the Flemish fashion designer Dries Van Noten in his work and life.


Petra Lataster-Czisch, Peter Lataster
do 30 mrt

At the local primary school in the Dutch village Hapert in Brabant, Kiet teaches children of asylum seekers who fled from countries such as Iraq, Eritrea and Syria.

Seed: The Untold Story

Jon Betz, Taggart Siegel
zon 26 & woe 29 mrt

Few things on earth are as wonderful and vital as seeds. Since the dawn of humanity, seeds have been cherished and seen as little specks full of life, containing and delivering the source of all existence.

All Governments Lie

Fred Peabody
woe 29 mrt

'All governments lie', was the ominous slogan of the legendary American investigative journalist I.F. Stone, inspiring a group of stubborn journalists wanting to do in-depth and independent research.

City of Ghosts

Matthew Heineman
woe 29 mrt

How can ordinary citizens stand up to ISIS? The group 'Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently' (RBSS) uses a special form of warfare in the fight against ISIS: journalism.

The Eagle Huntress

Otto Bell
woe 29 mrt

An adult eagle can get up to 7 kg and is therefore not a small cuddly bird. Nevertheless, Aisholpan, a 13-year-old girl, is not afraid to hold them. She decides to become a female eagle hunter, against all odds and the (all male) tradition.

David Lynch - The Art Life

Jon Nguyen, Rick Barnes, Olivia Neergaard-Holm
di 28 mrt

No English version available. 

Sacred Water

Olivier Jourdain
Din 28 mrt

In Western civilization the female orgasm is often shrouded in mystery. In Rwanda, however, it is literally legendary. According to an old legend, Lake Kivu – one of the Great Lakes in Africa – was formed by the orgasmic flood of a queen.

Boli Bana

Simon Gillard
din 28 mrt

Through the eyes of children about to be adults, Simon Gillard brings the nomadic life of a colourful West-African Fulani peoples to life.


Raoul Peck
Di 28 mrt

In this Belgian co-production Raoul Peck starts from an unfinished novel by African American writer James Baldwin and travels through the black history of the civil rights movement in the 60's, connecting it to the current #BlackLivesMatter.

Harry Benson: Shoot First

Justin Bare, Matthew Miele
ma 27 mrt

Full of wonderful and truly legendary images, Harry Benson brings us a new documentary: Shoot First, a true and honest portrait of the man behind many iconic photographs.

The Sad and Beautiful world of Sparklehorse

Alex Crowton, Balwant "Bobby" Dass
ma 27 mrt

Mark Linkous, tragic cult figure and driving force behind the group Sparklehorse, led a dramatic life with many ups and downs, which is reflected in his music.

Mon 27 Mar 17 . 20:00

The musical influence of Sparklehorse cannot be overestimated.

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zon 26 mrt

Never ever have we watched more porn than nowadays. With the rise of the internet and websites with amateur videos, the porn industry was subject to large changes.

woe 29 mrt

Director Joakim Demmer was absolutely stunned when he saw this dreadful paradox at the airport in Ethopia: exhausted workers were loading food, intended for export to Europe, while another team was unloading imported food aid, intended for inland distribution.

The Grown-Ups

Maite Alberdi
do 23 & zo 26 mrt

No English version available. 

Down to Earth

Renata Heinen, Rolf Winters
zo 26 mrt

Many dream about it, but few really realize it. Let alone keeping up with it unceasingly for five years. Rolf and his family go on a world tour. Not so much for the adventure, but mostly as a spiritual journey, in search of the meaning of life.


Brecht Debackere
Zat 25 mrt

Some may consider the term "experimental film" to be a highbrow quality label, others may see a rather polite euphemism for “bad movie“. So what really is the significance of this vague term? And why is "experimental film" so hard to find today?

zat 25 mrt

Subcultures often disappear as quickly as they arise. The Mod culture seems to be an exception. Besides London and Glasgow even Tokyo has its own Mod scene.

The Bomb

Kevin Ford, Smriti Keshari, Eric Schlosser
zat 25 mrt

The Bomb puts the viewer at the heart of the incredible power of nuclear weapons - the most dangerous machines ever built by man.

Aim for the Roses

John Bolton
vrij 24 mrt

A bizarre story of a stuntman who wants to jump across a river with his car and a musician making a special album about it: John Bolton perfectly combines both plot lines in a sassy and idiosyncratic documentary, titled Aim for the Roses.

Sour Grapes & D²: Wine Tasting

Jerry Rothwell & Reuben Atlas
vrij 24 mrt

How to fake an old and expensive Bordeaux wine? Mix a few wines together, put a cork in the bottle, put the correct label on it and done! Unfortunately it is not that simple. Or is it? Rudy Kurniawan managed to get the job done several times.

Sour Grapes

Jerry Rothwell & Reuben Atlas
vrij 24 mrt

How to fake an old and expensive Bordeaux wine? Mix a few wines together, put a cork in the bottle, put the correct label on it and done! Unfortunately it is not that simple. Or is it? Rudy Kurniawan managed to get the job done several times.

Where is Rocky II?

Pierre Bismuth
vrij 24 mrt

In 2009 the American artist Ed Ruscha stashed away a big fake stone - which he baptized Rocky II - in the Mojave Desert. Casually he wishes scriptwriter Piere Bismuth luck in his quest for the stone. Bismuth picks up the gauntlet and goes out to find the stone.

Grands Travaux

Gerard-Jan Claes, Olivia Rochette
don 23 mrt

Grands Travaux allows the viewer to walk along as a silent witness in a Dutch-speaking school in Brussels, that does not hold the best reputation. The documentary does more than focus on the school: it focuses on the students that inhabit it.

Amateurs in Space

Max Kestner
Do 23 mrt

How technical is a spaceship? Two Denish men want to be the first amateurs sending a human into outer space and bring him back again. Amazingly, their first steps seem promising. But can human intelligence overcome human sensitiveness and clashing egos?