Eet je stekels op!

Trailer Eet je stekels op! (5+)

Eet je stekels op!

Boîte à Clous en HETPALEIS

Léopold is sent to the countryside for a breath of fresh air. He ends up at Mamie Ronce's place, an old lady who hates children and lives alone with her dog. Every morning, Mamie Ronce watches her favourite soap, and the rest of her time is spent working energetically in her garden. Léopold has to help her pick the blackberries from the filled brambles. But suddenly he hears someone grin and ... pricks himself. 

Eet je stekels op! is the Dutch version of the acclaimed Mange res ronces! by Brussels theater maker Manah Depauw. 

This performance is part of the family festival
 Rode Hond


director Manah Depauw | ideas and objects Théodora Ramaekers | performance Virginie Gardin and Théodora Ramaekers | music and sound Jean-Luc Millot

STUK Soetezaal
Mon 30 Oct 201715:00
Tue 31 Oct 201715:00

Performance in Dutch



Ticket sales start September 14, 12:00

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