Thu 27 & Fri 28 Sep 18 . 19:30 - 7:30

With Un-common Intimacy (Tiger Touch), American artist Jessica Segall presents a surreal, yet intimate film portrait of herself swimming with a tiger.

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Mika Taanila
17 Oct - 16 Dec 2018

I like to see my works as pendulums. We stand looking back in time and sense the vision of the future there. It all goes back and forth constantly. Middle is where we stand today.
Interview Mika Taanila, Vincent Stroep, Ultra Eczema, 2010

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Traces of Apparitions

Diederik Peeters
17 Oct - 16 Dec 2018

In his project Apparitions Peeters tries to finally figure out what happens after death.

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Nevin Aladağ
28 Mar - 27 May 2018

Traces is not only a theatre of animated matter, but of cultural references in motion – dynamic and quirky, but more often idling, aimless and melancholic. If the town plays itself, it is moody.
Andreas Schlaegel

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Lore Stessel & Rubén Orio
28 March - 6 May

In their exhibition in STUK percussionist Rubén Orio and photographer/painter Lore Stessel investigate their common fascination for wood. As a material, wood is omnipresent in our daily life.

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13 February - 1 March

On February 13, 2018 STUK will be taken over by Artefact, an exhibition and festival on the crossroads of contemporary visual arts, current events and societal challenges. Artefact presents contemporary art practices that engage with complex topics, ‘wicked probl

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9 Nov - 17 Dec

Cas-co and STUK are proud to announce a new collaboration concerning the presentation of young artists. Indeed, from November 9th onwards, the work of Cas-co residents (N+1 & STUDIO) will be on view in STUKcafé in a series of curated solo presentations.

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Omer Fast
11 Oct 2017 - 13 Dec 2017

'The appendix is a strange organ. No discernible purpose or use. Living off the system. Just like a parasite. Don’t you agree? For the most part, it’s harmless. But as you know, it can occasionally inflame and endanger the whole organism.

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The Kitty AI

Pinar Yoldas
Wed 27, Thu 28 & Fri 29 Sep 17 . 14:00 - 23:00

I was only 8 months old when all hell broke loose in West Eurasia. Well actually that makes 15 human years for a cat, so perhaps I wasn’t that young. 
excerpt from Kitty AI Speaks

12 May - 2 July

Touching the void between the hyper-rational and the irrational.

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