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Lisa Vereertbrugghen

During this residency at STUK, Lisa Vereertbrugghen works on The Extraordinary Way She Moves, which will be performed during Playground 2016In this choreographic installation, black industrial materials and a human figure continually transform, though sometimes almost imperceptibly, while they influence one another. A huge plastic sheet becomes a moving landscape.  

The classic categories of performing arts, like representation and identification, are of no importance; the challenge is rather to activate an entirely sensorial system. 

The Extraordinary Way She Moves explores the mutability of the body, identity and our surroundings, and reaffirms processes of permeability and porosity. Performers are not fixed units, but active elements full of potential.

Lisa Josephine Vereertbrugghen is a Brussels/Amsterdam based artist who has made performances, installations and publications within the field choreography and visual arts. After a period in Berlin to study dance, she moved to Amsterdam for choreography studies at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO).  Her work evolves around the fluxing nature of identity and its relation to physical sensation. Her fascinations are the common bodies that surround her, which she deconstructs both on a sensorial and conceptual level. The last two years she has been working in multiple forms with the hardcore techno subculture in a research on softcore choreography. 
STUK Atelier 1
Sat 17 Sep 2016 - Sun 2 Oct 2016.

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