Familie, 15 sculpturen bij 15 Leuvenaren. Sep 2016 - mei 2017. Adopteer een kunstwerk!

© Kristof Van Gestel

Familie, 15 sculpturen bij 15 Leuvenaren. Sep 2016 - mei 2017. Adopteer een kunstwerk!

Kristof Van Gestel i.s.m. De Veerman

All conversations during this project will be in Dutch. 

Familie is a participation art project in which the interpretation and experience of the viewer are central. Artist Kristof Van Gestel is looking for 15 people from Leuven to take a sculpture from the series Familie home with them for the months of October until May. The participants are invited to give the artwork a meaningful place in their everyday lives. As the project commences, halfway through, and again at the end of the period, the participants are invited to reflect upon their experience in a group discussion. These ‘family meetings’ are moments to exchange experiences.

During STUK START there’s a small exhibition in the STUK Onthaal. The artist will be present to give you all the info you need. This is the moment you choose an artwork and sign the adoption papers - but you can't take your art baby home yet. Because there will be an official pickup moment in October, a family gathering including New Year's dinner in January and a final party with waffles or pancakes in May. During those gatherings, you talk about the expectations and experiences with the artwork adoption. During the entire year a video report will be made, combining interviews, footage of the adopted artworks at their new homes and reports of the family gatherings.

12.10 19:00 Pick up
19.01 19:00 Family Party 
14.05 15:00 Goodbye Party

This project is organised within the framework of KNOWING by DOING: a platform initiated by the artist Kristof Van Gestel as part of his artistic practice with the aim to explore the relationship between the artist and its viewer. The project is organised by STUK and the programme will be guided by De Veerman.  

Een project van Kristof Van Gestel door STUK en De Veerman. Kristof Van Gestel wordt ondersteund door KASK/School of Arts van HoGent.

STUK Onthaal, , STUKcafé
Wed 28, Thu 29 & Fri 30 Sep 16, Wed 12 Oct 16, Thu 19 Jan 17, Sun 14 May 17 . 15:00


All conversations of this project will be in Dutch

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