Festive congress : Take the Time

Festive congress : Take the Time


Oikos Magazine celebrates its 20th birthday. For two decades, Oikos has built a lively network of citizens who passionately care about the future of Earth and the world we are building on it. And what better way to celebrate than by giving the ecological debate an extra boot? So we present a festive congress on November 26, themed Take the Time. The title refers to the fact that a magazine like Oikos, that invites people to take their time to read articles. The theme also refers to the paradox that working on the transformation to a social-ecological society requires time that we no longer have - think of the climate crisis, for instance.

The congress will be an interactive day fed by four original essays by inspiring wirters.

Dorien Knockaert, food writer at De Standaard, who tackles the theme time for food. We take less and less time to eat or even cook. Ready-to-eat meals are more important than life quality or sustainable agriculture. Is this the new time to eat?

Johan Braeckman, philosophy professor at UGent, discusses working time. We keep on working harder, while the distinction between work and private life fades. Proposals like a basic income frequently arise. Working time is not what it was before; where do we go from here?

Warda El-Kaddouri, researcher and youth representative at the UN, will talk about age. Is that the time we have lived, the way we experience our time, or the different way different generations experience time? Can it lead us to a different interpretation of life?

Praised novelist Jeroen Theunissen examines the intriguing perspective of freed time. Whether it’s at work or in private: the performance culture rules the waves. Can we free time again, and turn performance time into quality time?

Together with you, the reader, we work towards an inspiring and interactive day. You can be the first to discover your essay of choice (via info@oikos.be). After taking the time to read it, you can mail your reactions and questions and in the afternoon of November 26 you are invited to have a conversation with the essay’s author. In the evening there will be plenary session with the four authors and a couple of readers - possibly you!

All participants of this festive congress will receive a free copy of the extra edition of the magazine, including the four essays. More info about the event can be found on  www.oikos.be.

Diverse locaties in STUK
Sat 26 Nov 201616:00

Parallel dialogues: 16:00-18:00 - several locations in STUK
Plenary session: 19:30 - STUK Auditorium

Free - Subscription required via 20jaartijdschrift@oikos.be with mention of the dialogue you want to take part in. Any questions and reactions on the essays can be sent to this address too..

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