Flood (werktitel creatie 2017)

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Flood (werktitel creatie 2017)

Hiatus, Daniel Linehan

During a two-week residency in STUK, Daniel Linehan starts working on the creation of his new performance Flood

Flood is a choreography of entrances and exits: simple actions that go hand in hand with a certain tension. What does a person do when he enters? Where does he go to when he exits? And when will he be coming back? Linehan wants to focus our attention on the importance of entering and then exiting again. In between, he always positions an ‘event’ that stands for ‘something’ that is no longer in use, for example a dance to the rhythm of Morse code, a discussion in a dead language, or a demonstration of a forgotten theory. After every event, the dancers take ritual leave of the out-of-date or forgotten thing.

In the midst of our throwaway society and the flood of new technologies and ideas, Linehan questions the cultural domination of the new. At the same time, he considers what is disappearing, and what is becoming superfluous at an ever-faster pace.

STUK Labozaal
Mon 22 Aug 2016 - Fri 2 Sep 2016.

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