Flying Horseman + Clément Nourry

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Flying Horseman + Clément Nourry

In recent years, Antwerp’s Flying Horseman has become a unique band with their own, titillating sound. Rooms / Ruins, their fifth studio album, compels the listener to introspection and at the same time propels them into the cosmos. It is a whimsical, mysterious work, full of contrast. Flying Horseman sounds focussed and dreamy at the same time. Is Rooms / Ruins a reflection on the intangible reality or a society gone astray, or is it a break-up album with apocalyptic dimensions? It’s certainly a muggy, intense collection of music, turning a wide range of influences into an inspiring whole.


Clément Nourry roamed the underwater world with his six-string and came back to the surface with a stripped-down album:
Under the Reefs, a dream-like journey with Jim O' Rourke, John Fahey, Gesualdo and Ornette Coleman.

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