I feel the earth move (working title)

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I feel the earth move (working title)

Jamie Lee & Stanislav Dobak

This interdisciplinary performance explores the inner struggle in the pursuit of balance in an unstable environment. Interlinked is a triangular structure of bodies, a constantly shifting architecture and sound sculpture - a balancing act of morphing waves of energies in the atmosphere. The atmosphere is the result of the process within. We take inspiration from the elements of yin and yang, like in any relationship the seemingly opposite and contrary personalities can often be complementary. We are going to explore how we can be interconnected by this in the space and how our contrary forces can assist each other as we interrelate to one another. The balance in the space constantly changes as yin and yang is never static. The relationship can gradually change and sometimes the change can be dramatic where one aspect can transform into the other to achieve balance. This may encourage ourselves to have to go out of our comfort zone as we chase each other to seek a new balance.  A constantly fluctuating and unstable environment means that every performance can never be the same.

Jamie Lee and Stanislav Dobak/Memoryhouse is a interdisciplinary collective that creates performance, installation, film and photography for theatre, gallery and site specific space. We are both freelance dancers and dance makers based in Brussels, Belgium. We use movement to generate a fusion of works in exploring other media. Our interest in other media is what sparked the initial idea of collaboration. We are passionate about storytelling without words through the body investigating the uses of energy, emotion and physicality. Combining multiple art forms allows production of versatile creation which encourages a cross-pollination of respective audiences.


In 2013 we produced a series ' Dreams' of dance films and photography where we choreographed, directed, filmed, and edited every aspect of the series. We were inspired to break traditional ways of presenting dance on camera.  The series was created in Belgium and Slovakia co-produced by Charleroi Danses, Slovak Ministry of Arts and Slovak ministry of Culture. Dreams films have been presented as festivals such as Danseur festival (BE), Kiosk Festival Zilina (SK), Cinedans festival (NL) and Festival International de Video Danse de Bourgogne, Out of Balance expo, Destelheide (BE) and Choreographic Captures 3rd prize 2016 (DE). An extension of 'Dreams' is a installation performance 'Labyrinth' which was performed as part of the exhibition at the Slovak premiere in 2015 in an abandoned basement of a power plant commissioned by the Slovak Ministry of Arts. During this period inspired by fantasy and imagination we were commissioned to created a full length work on Passerelle company in Kortrijk, Belgium 'Castle in the Air' which is on tour 2016. We have collaborated on numerous dance films such as 'Lapsus' with Iris Bouche and Errorigiudiziari Italy. Our future creations focus on collaborative work to create immersive experiences for audiences and creations with innovative technology.


STUK Atelier 2
Mon 12 Dec 2016 - Sun 18 Dec 2016.

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