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Katrien Oosterlinck

Imagine Moving Rocks is a playing grid about personal space filled in by a company of spectators.

The starting point is an empty theatre. A performer guides the audience through the game and the tables turn. There are no roles to play, there is only the presence of an engaged audience and the dynamic that is created in that moment, in combination with the other participants. We hear safe soundscapes composed from everyday sounds, while the spacial feel of the scene subtly changes through shifts in light. 

The design and the instructions are the medium. We start with a guided board game in the participants represent themselves through small sculptures. After that, the body is put to use: the participant creates his or her personal with coloured tape. Those zones all create one lifesize scenography. Spoken instructions guide you through a physical investigation of different social set-ups.  

This is a performance shaped by participation, filled in by the specific people that take part, appealing to conscience of body and surrounding space. The sum of all the participants' personal experiences forms the non-verbal story. A form of visual and physical theatre, personal everyday theatre, a conscience shower or social massage.  

Katrien Oosterlinck (°1984) studied 'Dance, Major Theatre Dance Performance' at the Fontys Dansacadamy Tilburg, Holland (2004) and visual arts at Sint Lucas Antwerp (2008).

Oosterlinck's practice consists of various projects that form a multidisciplinary mix of, among others, dance, choreography, performance and video art, drawing, massage, and art educative workshops. Linking up these very different spheres, is a personal interest in the body, its movements, and itsinteractions with spaces and other bodies.

In earlier works, Oosterlinck often documented her own performances in video's. Recently however, she has mainly created and/or participated in interactive (dance) performances and workshops for which she actively engages other people. 
Oosterlinck's pratice is not only about social interaction, but also about the creation of images and scenes through interaction.

Over the last few years, Oosterlinck has executed projects at Z33 (Hasselt), STUK (Leuven), the Bijlokesite (Gent), Small Club (Krakov, Poland), KHOJ Internat. Artists Association (Delhi, India),BRDG (Antwerp), CCBe (Antwerp), BOZAR studios (Brussels) ... She had residencies at Frans Masereelcentrum (Kasterlee), Hotel Charleroi, WP Zimmer (Antwerp) and De Veerman (Antwerp). 

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