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kabinet k

Invisible investigates what happens to man when he loses his ground. Created with four young children and three adult dancers, the performance talks of purification, compassion, loss and hope. During this residency at STUK, Kwint Manshoven and Joke Laureyns will prepare the creation period on the floor: they will design physical tasks for the children that will bring the dancers closer to the intended dance language and the right state of being. Since the creation process with young children demands a specific and methodic approach, this residence allows the makers to round up the pre-researchand prepare and test their 'method'. 

Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven are choreographers with a background in philosophy (Joke) and graphic design (Kwint). With kabinet k they focus on dance performances with both professional dancers and children on stage. Between 2022 and 2007 they worked with several houses like fABULEUS, (Dromen hebben veters, Randschade), Kopergietery (Shelter, Acte Gratuit, Martha-Marthe …) and CCHasselt/Krokusfestival (Questo Ricordo).

since 2007 kabinet k have been working  on a specific oeuvre of dance performances for young audiences, like einzelgänger (-), unfold, i see you, rauw and ba(b)bel,  Unfold and rauw were both selected for the Theaterfestival. With unfold kabinet k also toured abroad for the first time; international attention that was reflected on the later performance rauw. Recently, kabinet k have started a structural collaboration with hetpaleis (Antwerpen). Horses is the first performance in that trajecory, in 2017 and 2018 they will create invisible.

STUK Atelier 1
Mon 18 Sep 2017 - Sun 24 Sep 2017.

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