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Seppe Baeyens

Seppe Baeyens’ new performance INVITED is the result of an intensive research of (stage) space and co-authorship within contemporary dance. In INVITED Baeyens formulates his artistic response to the question how the audience can co-write the choreography of a performance. With dance as the common language, he wants to look for an alternative way of living together and interacting, creating a community with cast and audience. 

INVITED consists of a diverse an intergenerational group of performers that reflect society. The audience will take on an important role too. An essential part of INVITED is the scenography, created by artist Ief Spincemaille. It will reduce the distance between performers and audience by making them, together, be part of one clear (democratic) form. Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat's Stef Heeren provides the score. 

Seppe Baeyens (° 1981) started as a young dancer with fABULEUS (Ego Sublimo, Baken) and was picked up as dancer/performer by Kopergietery (Beuysband), Kabinet k (Dromen hebben veters, Questo Ricordo, Einzelgänger), Productiehuis Brabant (LaLa4 Bubbelissues), Ontroerend Goed (Under the Influence) and Miet Warlop (Springville, Mystery Magnet). Since 2011 he is closely linked to Ultima Vez. His work deliberately chooses to engage in dialogue with children, youths and adults alike. 

With the help of Hartbeats (Ternat) Seppe created Wij (2010) and Huis (2012), two project performances that tour in cultural centers in Flanders. With Met De (on)mogelijke vriendschap van Stef en Augustijn (2013), created with Kopergietery, he got his first tour outside of Belgium.

In collaboration with Ultima Vez and Wim Vandekeybus Seppe created Tornar, his first large-scale dance performance, in 2015. An intergenerational cast of non-professional and professional dancers interact, selected during a long process of workshops and meetings in the Ultima Vez studio in Sint-Jans Molenbeek. Tornar was selected for the children's jury of the 2015 Theaterfestival and toured in Belgium and abroad in 2016. 

Since his early career as an artist, intergenerational projects are a prerequisite for Seppe to show dance in its most human, vulnerable and essential form. The imperfection of dance and the way different generations approach dance are inseparably connected with his artistic creations. 

STUK Studio
Mon 3 Apr 2017 - Fri 7 Apr 2017.

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