22 March - 22 May

In Auto da Fé, Akomfrah continues his longstanding investigation of the transmutations brought about by relocation. (…).

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Sun 4 Oct 15, Sun 1 Nov 15, Sun 6 Dec 15, Sun 3 Jan 16, Sun 7 Feb 16, Sun 6 Mar 16, Sun 3 Apr 16, Sun 1 May 16 . 14:30

Every first Sunday of the month coffee and cake afternoon at STUKcafé, accompanied by some live accordion music as in the old days!

Tue 5 Apr 16 . 19:00

Rauw is an energetic dance performance with live music by Thomas Devos about playing, dreaming, faking and being a child - even if you can’t. It’s about growing up in sometimes difficult circumstances, seen from the perspective of children.

Tue 5 Apr 16 . 14:00 - 16:00

On the occasion of the dance performance

Tue 12 & Wed 13 Apr 16 . 20:30

With this double bill, STUK introduces the young Brazilian choreographer Volmir Cordeiro to Flanders. His graduation solo, Céu, gives shape to marginal figures: beggars, peasants, prostitutes and refugees.

Thu 14 Apr 16 . 20:00

Lecture in English

Fri 15 Apr 16 . 22:20 - 23:00

After the performance of POPCORN (fABULEUS) on 15 April drummer Ephraïm Cielen will give a free concert at STUKcafé (22:20 - 23:00).

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Sat 16 Apr 16 . 14:00 - 16:00

My Talking Is My Dancing
Masterclass on the occasion of Golden Hours by Rosas
With Femke Gyselinck (artistic assistant Rosas)

Fri 15 & Sat 16 Apr 16 . 20:00

The twin title refers to a meeting between Brian Eno’s album Another Green World and Shakespeare’s queer comedy As You Like it, a play about an idyllic golden world of the Forest of Arden into which lovers flee from a corrupt court.

do 14, vr 15 & za 16 (20:30) + zo 17 (16:00) apr

Percussion’s irresistible force belongs to all times and cultures. It is the engine of celebrations and rituals. It makes people one, whips them up, and brings them into rapture. Popcorn is an irresistible showdown between three young male’s bodies and 
a drummer playing live on stage.

Wed 20 Apr 16 . 16:00 - 19:00

Lecture in English

Wed 20 Apr 16 . 20:00

When in the mines of dark and silent thought
Sometimes I delve and find strange fancies there,
With heavy labour to surface brought
That lie and mock me in the brighter air.

Wed 20 Apr 16 . 20:30

'The thread of tradition is broken, and we have to read its authors as though no one had ever read them before.' (Hannah Arendt, Between Past and Future).

di 19 (20:30) & wo 20 (21:30) apr

For UNISON, Argentine dancer and choreographer Cecilia Lisa Eliceche addresses one of choreography’s most famous concepts: the unisono or simultaneous performing of the same movement.

Sat 23 & Sat 23 Apr 16 . 16:00

A block of concrete has the same relation with a car as a puddle of mud has with a bike or a dog with the woman next door: a roadblock. And for young children, the entire world can seem to be one giant roadblock. What to do? Turn around, avoid, or carry on?

Sat 23 Apr 16 . 15:00

Dancer and choreographer David Hernandez is no stranger of STUK, having shown his performances Hullabaloo and For Movement’s Sake in recent years.

Sat 23 Apr 16 . 10:00 – 17:00

The day starts with a dance game to familiarise ourselves with the space and the other participants. We play with simple exercises incorporating the basics of contemporary dance technique, while having fun and exploring our own creativity.

Sat 23 Apr 16 . 11:00-13:00

In her choreographies Claire Croizé investigates the body and its relation to music, silence and the resulting emotions. In this workshop, Croizé will make use of techniques from her recent creation EVOL, which aims at introspection and personal movement material.

Sat 23 Apr 16 . 15:00-18:00

Playing with rhythm, movement qualities and different perspectives, we explore the entanglement of dance and film. First we teach you a couple of video techniques, then you can have a try yourself, creating your own dance film shot in the different locations of STUK. 

Sat 23 Apr 16 . 17:00-19:30

The Leuven vzw Straatrijk wants to promote breakdance as a way of life / culture / sport and give as many youths as possible the chance to get in touch with breakdance. Apart from breakdance and hip hop, vzw Straatrijk supports all forms of street sports and street culture.

23 april

The highlight of the day will be the OPEN STAGE, where we invite dancers from Leuven and beyond to perform a choreography or short intervention in STUK Soetezaal. Are you a member of a dance school or a crew, or do you simply enjoy dancing in your spare time?

Sat 23 Apr 16 . 20:00

VIVA celebrates the joy of dancing together, in a creation by Albert Quesada for De Genoten/Les Confrères set to the music of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Sat 23 Apr 16 . 20:30

A tragic autobiography of the body

Sat 23 Apr 16 . 22:00

Taylor Swift’s Shake it off and The Clapping Song by Shirley Ellis are just a couple of songs featured in Dance Karaoke.

Sat 23 Apr 16 . 23:00


Sun 10, Sun 17, Sun 24 & Sun 31 Jan 16, Sun 7, Sun 14, Sun 21 & Sun 28 Feb 16, Sun 6, Sun 13, Sun 20 & Sun 27 Mar 16, Sun 3, Sun 10, Sun 17 & Sun 24 Apr 16, Sun 1, Sun 8, Sun 15 & Sun 22 May 16 . 21:00

10 jan 16                              
Jazz DJ

17 jan 16     

24 jan 16     

31 jan 16     
Jazz DJ

Mon 25 Apr 16 . 20:00

In the presence of and in conversation with director Charles Burnett. 

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Wed 27 Apr 16 . 12:00 - 14:00

In Lunch for Thought, STUK and KU Leuven, Art and Science, deBuren and de Brakke Grond welcome a select group of artists, philosophers and scientists. In an extended lunch, they will speculate and search for new perspectives on the future of memory.

Wed 27 Apr 16 . 20:00


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Wed 27 Apr 16 . 20:00

Kristina Kebet & Pablo Cardozo play Robert Schumann


Robert Schumann: Kreisleriana, op 16

Thu 28 Apr 16 . 20:00


20:15 - 21:00broeder Dieleman 
21:15 - ...Josephine Foster


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Wed 27 & Thu 28 Apr 16 . 20:30

In Tordre, Rachid Ouramdane sketches a hypersensitive portrait of two dancers whose simple, virtuoso movements carry a breathtaking beauty. Tordre navigates the boundary between the ‘normal’ and ‘magical’.