The Kitty AI

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The Kitty AI

Pinar Yoldas

I was only 8 months old when all hell broke loose in West Eurasia. Well actually that makes 15 human years for a cat, so perhaps I wasn’t that young. 
excerpt from Kitty AI Speaks

In the 12 minute 3D-animation Artificial Intelligence for Governance, the Kitty AI, artist Pinar Yoldas imagines an artificial intelligence (AI) that has taken over the world. Taking the form of an adorable kitten in order to connect to its subordinates - us, humans - the AI talks about itself and its work as ruler of a megalopolis in the year 2039. It speaks from the future about the unsolvability of past crises such as the refugee crisis, climate change, and an ominous “p-crisis,” as well as the inability of humankind to manage gigantic infrastructure. Artificial Intelligences have, as a result, taken over the positions of politicians and other professional groups in this imagined future. As the first non-human governor, Kitty AI leads a politician-free zone with a network of Artificial Intelligences. Living in mobile devices of the citizens, it can love up to 3 million people.

Pinar Yoldas
(°1979, Turkey)
Pinar Yoldas is a cross-disciplinary artist/researcher developing architectural installations, sculptures, sound pieces, video works and drawings in relation to advancements within biological sciences and digital technologies. In her practice, she addresses themes such as post-humanism, eco-nihilism, Anthropocene and feminist technoscience.
A Guggenheim fellow, Yoldas’ work has been shown worldwide with solo presentations in a.o. Roda Sten Könsthall, Gothenburg (2016), Polytech Museum Moscow (2015), and Schering Stiftung project Space Berlin (2014), and inclusions in group shows in the 9th Nordic Biennial (2017), Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts (2016), 14th Istanbul Biennial (2015), ZKM, Karlsruhe (2015), Transmediale Festival, Berlin (2014) and NAMOC National Art Museum of Beijing (2014).
She holds a Ph.D. from Duke University, a Bachelors of Architecture from Middle East Technical University, a Master of Arts from Bilgi University, a Master of Science from Istanbul Technical University and a Master of Fine Arts from University of California, Los Angeles.
Pinar Yoldas lives and works in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Interview met Pinar Yoldas ter gelegenheid van haar solotentoonstellign in Röda Sten Konsthall Herfst 2016

Pinar Yoldas - Artificial Intelligence for Governance, the Kitty AI, 2016
Video, 12:40 min, English spoken, English subtitles
Courtesy: Pinar Yoldas
Scenography tower ‘Aranea’: Straatrijk & Wøti 

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