Kiwi Kort 1

Kiwi Kort 1

Traditionally the festival zooms in on a particular region of the world, and this year the spotlight will be on the distant New Zealand. As a film country New Zealand has, after all, much more to offer than the breath-taking scenery of "The Lord of the Rings'.

Two cars, one night Taika Waititi • coming-of-age
Accidents, Blunders and Calamities James Cunningham • animatie
The Tide Keeper Alyx Duncan • animatie
43.000 feet Campbell Hooper • humor
Moving Eli Kent, Leon Wadham • drama
Queenie Paul Neason • animatie
Anna Harriett Maire • drama
Stevo Heather Hayward • documentaire
Honk If You’re Horny Joe Lonie • humor

Totale duur: 1u34 • Vertoningen: za 3/12 (22u) in Labozaal, ma 5/12 (17u45) in Soetezaal & vr 9/12 (13u) in Cinema ZED

STUK Labozaal, STUK Soetezaal, Cinema ZED STUK
Sat 3 Dec 201622:00
Mon 5 Dec 201617:45
Fri 9 Dec 201613:00

Basis: € 7,50
Reductie: € 6,00

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