Last recital

© Sidney Leoni

Last recital

5 - 18 September 2016

Sidney Leoni will conduct his first physical investigations for his upcoming multimedia dance solo project entitled 'Last recital'. This solo represents for the artist a return to dance (since he dedicated the past 3 years to the making of a fiction feature film) and that within an emotional and political agenda. Sidney says: "Dance is now in the foreground following my primal instincts to use movements in response to the current social climate and state of affairs in the world. I envision this performance to entail several media that intersect with on another: a solo dance, an electro-acoustic music score and a dance film. With the media of sound, film, light and dance, I wish to turn the theatre into a multisensory ecosystem quasi bordering on the edge of chaos. And I have no wish to distance myself from this chaos, but rather to anchor my body on this very terrain, as a political act of presence, resistance, defense and hope."

Sidney Leoni 
(Brussels - Stockholm) works as a choreographer, performer and film-maker. His artistic research explores the field of immersive and experiential theatre and cinema, within which he focuses on the processes and effects of audience's imaginary and sensory perceptions. With his last two performance projects, Undertone (2010) and Hertz (2013), the theater space is plunged in complete darkness becoming the stage for the orchestration of sensory movements such as surround soundscapes, live music, smells, vibrations, airflows and temperature fluctuations, in correlation to performative situations of encounter and mutual reliance between performers, musicians and audience members. Sidney has insisted in darkening the rooms where his work takes place (theatre, black box, cinema), as he sees in darkness an immense promise – a promise of a different kind of sociability and sensibility between humans.

STUK Atelier 1
Mon 5 Sep 2016 - Sun 18 Sep 2016.

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