Lecture Sustainable city development

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Lecture Sustainable city development

Leo Van Broeck, Vlaams Bouwmeester

All too often, building in a climate neutral way is seen as a matter of materials and techniques. But a sustainable city development that takes into account ideas like proximity and accessibility, organisation and infrastructure, sustainable mobility and efficient energy use, complementarity and interweaving, takes up a key position in meeting climate goals. 

Flanders and Leuven have high ambitions in this respect. Housing more people in an pleasant way and at the same time switch to a climate neutral society, how do you combine those ideas? Flemish master builder Leo Van Broeck has clear ideas about a more advised use of space in Flanders. He proposes a radical rerearrangement model for the use of space, pleading for a new type of urbanity. During this lecture he will illustrate his vision of Flanders' future, while Johan Van Reeth (BUUR) will link Van Broeck's model with the situation in a middle-sized town like Leuven.

Collaboration of Leuven 2030 vzw, Kunstencentrum STUK vzw & Stad en Architectuur vzw, with support of Stad Leuven and the Flemish Government

STUK Auditorium
Mon 9 Oct 201720:00

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