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Vera Tussing & Team

During a residency in STUK, Vera Tussing and her team work on the new creation Mazing, premiering in STUK at the end of November.

What does it mean to be together in 2016? In Mazing, five dancers are set in motion by the audience, creating visible networks of action which emerge from simple social negotiations. This gently destabilizing performance both challenges and strengthens notions of community, re-affirming the power of touch in the digital age. Today, the social is a performance, and performance is a social event: how can we use this to generate new models of positive sociality through performance? Enter Mazing to catch a glimpse of one possibility, based on the simple power of the dancing body, the factuality of movement and the fragility of contact.

Vera Tussing graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School, and has worked as a choreographer, creator and dancer throughout Belgium, the UK and Europe. In 2011 she premiered Trilogy a collaboration with Albert Quesada, before going on to make the stage pieces You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet (2012) and T-Dance (2014), and the movement-sound installation Sound Bed. The performance, The Palm of Your Hand premiered in 2015, and a new piece, Mazing is currently in creation. A central theme of Vera's work is how the different senses combine to structure our perception, and the creation of unique, inter-personal encounters between audience and performer.


STUK Studio
Mon 5 Sep 2016 - Fri 23 Sep 2016.

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