Mockumentary of a contemporary saviour

© Wim Vandekeybus

Mockumentary of a contemporary saviour

Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus

In the theatrical dance performance Mockumentary of a contemporary saviour, Vandekeybus depicts a perceptive portrait of a messiah as a fictional character, in a world that couldn’t or didn’t want to be saved. In this new creation Vandekeybus places four protagonists and their supernatural guardian angels in a futuristic reality. By creating a surreal and indefinable atmosphere, he confronts us with our own experience of the here and now.
Science fiction and utopia/dystopia are disturbingly similar. Nothing is as it seems.
Mockumentary of a contemporary saviour is indirectly about our society within a timeless form and reflects on themes such as imagination, freedom and superstition. 

Ultima Vez

regie, choreografie & scenografie Wim Vandekeybus | gecreëerd met en uitgevoerd door Ultima Vez perfomers | geluidsonwerp Charo Calvo, Ircam | productie Ultima Vez

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