Wed 23 Sep 15 . 20:00

The name Maurice Louca probably doesn’t immediately ring a bell, but he is one of the most atstonishing artists in Arab contemporary alternative music scene.

Thu 8 Oct 15 . 20:00

Three years after their last studio album A Gentleman's AgreementDez Mona is ready for a new musical chapter.

Fri 9 Oct 15 . 20:00

“Music for scenes and places” is the baseline of Berlin-based Miasmah, a label focusing on upcoming names and established artists who - all in their own way - make music with a very filmic character.

Sun 18 Oct 15 . 20:00

This is a seated concert

Wed 4 Nov 15 . 20:00

Chantal Acda (B/NL) always returns to STUK in a different outfit - with Isbells, Marble Sounds, True Bypass, … .  Now she’s back as Chantal Acda.

Wed 9 Dec 15 . 20:00

Night Is Long is the working title of Antwerp sextet Flying Horseman’s new album. Since the album is still in the making, we can’t really tell much about it yet.

Thu 10 Dec 15 . 20:00

Roosbeef was founded in 2005 when Roos Rebergen won ‘de Grote prijs van Nederland’ in the category of best singer-songwriter. She debuts in 2008 with a surprising album: Ze willen je hond wel aaien, maar niet met je praten.