Niet Drummen [2+]

Niet Drummen - Beat the drum! - à Bâtons Battus   TRAILER

Niet Drummen [2+]

Theater De Spiegel

Niet drummen is a music theatre performance filled with catchy rhythmical music and amazing figure play.

Marbles, spheres, balls, drums, water, … A magical journey through a remarkable decor. A silhouette artist, a flute and sax player and a percussionist take you on a discovery of sounds, music and rhythms. Young and old enjoy a visual concert. Rock ‘n’ roll and poetry.

Part of the arts festival Rode Hond (3 > 6 November 2016)

Concept and direction Karel Van Ransbeeck | Composition Joeri Wens and Nicolas Ankoudinoff | Performance Alain Ongenaet (shadow and light play), Joeri Wens (percussion) and Nicolas Ankoudinoff (sax and flute) | Decor Wim Van de Vyver | Costumes Lies Maréchal      


STUK Labozaal
Thu 3 Nov 201614:00
Thu 3 Nov 201616:00
Fri 4 Nov 201611:00
Fri 4 Nov 201616:00


2 years and older

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