No Patent Pending #30 ism iii en Overtoon

Sugar Instrument - Tang

No Patent Pending #30 ism iii en Overtoon

Performances by Wen Chin Fu, Yuri Landman, Mariska de Groot and Jo Caimo

Sound that balances on the borders with sound, spaciality and movement is the basis for No Patent Pending, a traveling series of interdisciplinary performances focusing on sound. 
iii presents the 30th edition of its nomadic performance series No Patent Pending at STUK, Leuven’s house for Dance Image and Sound. For this first edition of the series at STUK, iii has selected 4 works produced within the context of iii’s program in The Hague between 2015 and 2017.

made of crystallised sugar by
Wen Chin Fu will resonate at the opening of the program. Yuri Landman will present a newly commissioned work using self-made automated string instruments tuned to alternate musical scales. A drawing machine inspired by the 19th century Harmonograph created by Mariska de Groot will project images and sounds oscillating between harmony and chaos. Closing the evening the audience will be invited to participate in a choral performance by Jo Caimo.

 is an artist-run-platform for research, production, presentation and distribution of radical interdisciplinary practices based in The Hague. Overtoon
 is a Brussels-based platform for research, production and distribution of sound art and sound-based installation art or experimental media art.

  • Yuri Landman "Helicopters"
  • Nibiru @ Spektrum Berlin
STUK Labozaal
Tue 17 Oct 201720:00
standardSTUK card
evening sale€ 14€ 12
presale€ 12€ 10

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