The Noon (working title)

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The Noon (working title)

The body and its representation in different situation, the meaning that the body can take, using the body as a tools as objects as I. the distance between the I and me, the structural existence of the body anatomically, the body as a transparent mass that could be printed with defferent experiences crossing and happening (text, sound, and execution of defferent tasks physical and abstract). Tasks that will be based on my own experience and memory and my relationship to a certain sound and text. I’m the result of my environnement, environnement is the result of me.

Youness Khoukhou was born in 1984 in Safi, Morocco. He began breakdancing at the age of 18 in Marrakech where he grew up and studied contemporary dance . He moved to Tunis in 2006 to join the C.M.D.C. (Mediterranean Centre for Contemporary Dance in Tunisia). At the same time, he studied psychomotor therapy and bodywork at the Centre Lafaurie Monbadon in France with Jacques Garros. He arrived in Belgium in 2008 to continue training at P.A.R.T.S. Throughout these years, Youness also worked on artistic and teaching projects in Morocco and in Europe. He created 111-1 in 2012 with the collective 111-1. He performed in Rezeitung from Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and P.A.R.T.S fondation in 2013, Primitive from Claire Croizé in 2014, Soleils. from Pierre Droulers with whom he created the solo Each Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow. In 2015, Youness Khoukhou presented Becoming the first piece as a solo choreographer.

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