Open rehearsal Mer-

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Open rehearsal Mer-

ECCE / Etienne Guilloteau & Claire Croizé

An open rehearsal is a fascinating opportunity to watch the dancers of the company ECCE at work and to have an insight on their new creation Mer-. Together with five singers from the Pluto-ensemble, conducted by Marnix de Cat, Claire Croizé, Etienne Guilloteau and the dancers are giving you an exciting opportunity to see how a performance comes together. An open rehearsal is a working rehearsal, not a performance, the content, running order and focus are determined by the choreographers on the day.

Mer- is a piece built on Requiem-music and songs around death, sorrow and pain from the Renaissance period. The title, Mer-, refers to the Indo-European roots of 'mourir', the French word for dying. In Mer- the choreographers can explore the concept of “finiteness” deeply: death is front and center, but there is still room left for lightness and joy. Dying is, after all, an integral part of life, and Claire and Etienne research both sides of this balancing act: dying as the most exceptional, most unthinkable thing to happing in a human life, and at the same time the most trivial, most common human experience. The idea of dying as a performance is the motor of movement in this dance creation.

concept and choreography claire croizé and etienne guilloteau | dance claire godsmark, emmi väisänen, young won song, mikko hyvönen, tarek halaby | music pluto-ensemble | singers marnix de cat, kristen witmer, adriaan de koster, tore denys, harry van der kamp | music dramaturgy marnix de cat, claire croizé, etienne guilloteau | light jan maertens | costumes anne-catherine kunz | production ecce vzw | co-production concertgebouw brugge | in collaboration with stuk, wpzimmer en workspacebrussels | with support of provincie west-vlaanderen

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Wed 13 Sep 201715:00 - 16:30

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