On the other side of a sand dune

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On the other side of a sand dune

Bára Sigfúsdóttir

In the residency at STUK Bára will be re-diving into the physical and theatrical material of her first solo performance On the other side of a sand dune. She will perform the piece at Reims Scènes d’Europe in february and later in 2017 she will be sharing the piece with the Swedish choreographer Charlotta Öfverholm. This passing on of the piece to another dancer/choreographer is focussing on passing along knowledge between different different generations and different dance communities. This exchange is part of the European project Dance on, Dream on, Pass on of which the production platform GRIP that is supporting Bára is one of the partners.

Bára Sigfúsdottir (°1984) is an Icelandic choreographer who studied contemporary dance at the Icelandic Academy of Arts, in the Amsterdam school of the Arts and lastly at P.A.R.T.S., the school of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker in Brussels, where she focused both on dance training, movement research and choreography. Bára has a unique way of researching and composing movement material which is articulated and eloquent, musical and one of a kind. Bára’s solo performances On the other side of a sand dune (2013) and THE LOVER (2015) have been presented at national and international venues and festivals, including Reykjavik Dance festival, Stockholm Fringe, December Dance, ICE HOT, Performatik, TheaterFestival, Moving Futures and Theater Aan Zee. Recently her new creation TIDE (2016) premiered at Nona and is touring this season through Belgium, The Netherlands and France. As a performer, Bára has amongst others worked with Or and Oran dance company, Compagnie 3637, Miet Warlop (replacing in Springville), Quan Bui Ngoc, Iris Bouch & Kobe Proesmans, Aëla Labbe and Janne-Camilla Lyster.

STUK Atelier 1
Mon 16 Jan 2017 - Sat 21 Jan 2017.

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