Our Times

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Our Times

Michiel Vandevelde

Michiel Vandevelde is creating his performance Our Times in STUK. The performance will premier on 20 and 21 December in STUK as part of 500 jaar Utopia. In the first residency period, he will be working on the development of dance material..

Which role is thinking assigned to in our times? We are inundated with images and fragments of text. Subject to this maelstrom, our thought is reduced to the tasks of storing and processing. The time and space for autonomous thinking has become a precious commodity. In this storm of impressions and events, Michiel Vandevelde wishes to pause for a moment and question the state of thought. Our Times draws inspiration from a conversation with the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy and comprises dance material from popular dance clips. Through this contrasting material three dancers engage with the conflicts between depth and superficiality – not only as a critique on our times, but as an attempt to open new forms of thought. Based on reappropriation – the reusing of materials – an effervescent choreography takes place with snatches of texts and bizarre music that provoke the imagination.

Michiel Vandevelde started dancing at the youth theatre and dance company fABULEUS. He completed his degree in dance/choreography at P.A.R.T.S. in 2012. His work consists of actions in the public space, performance and building different kinds of structures. In his early work he often collaborated with Menno Vandevelde and Jozef Wouters. In 2010 he showed "Creatie 2010 (musicpiece)" at Theater Aan Zee. He then developed "Tentproject (a space for ideas)", a project based on the quest for alternative political, economic and social structures. This quest went on to form the base for his next works: "Stageproject (a space for ideas and action)" (2012), "Walking piece" (2012) and "Love songs (veldeke)"" (2013). Since 2012 he has been working on founding a new political party named "The political party", developed within the frame of 'De stadsresidenten' initiated by the arts centre Vooruit in Ghent. In 2013 he became part of the artistic team of the Bâtard festival. Currently Michiel is preparing "Antithesis (the future of the image)" which will première in March 2015 at Vooruit, Ghent.

STUK Soetezaal
Fri 17 Jun 2016 - Fri 1 Jul 2016.
Mon 5 Dec 2016 - Wed 21 Dec 2016.

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