Paradise now (1968 - 2018) [16+]

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Paradise now (1968 - 2018) [16+]

fABULEUS / Michiel Vandevelde

June 1968. At the festival d’Avignon, the famous New York actor’s group The Living Theatre attend the premiere of Paradise Now. The actors want to draw the audience into a state of readiness – ready for action in the world outside the theatre. The basis of their revolution is not only political but spiritual. They are inspired by the ‘chakras’, Hasidism and Kabbalah. The relation- ship between the collective and the individual is key. Fifty years later, in collaboration with a new generation of young people Michiel Vandevelde examines what remains of this legacy from May ’68. The world has changed completely, but many ideals from the former hippie generation have now become fashionable practice. Large companies like Google, Apple and Spotify promote collaboration, self-organisation and decentralisation. But what does the collective mean nowadays as an artistic and political statement?


Choreography Michiel Vandevelde | Performance Zulaa Antheunis, Sarah Bekambo, Jarko Bosmans, Bavo Buys, Wara Chavarria, Judith Engelen, Abigail Gypens, Anouk Lacroix, Lore Mertens, Anton Rys, Margot Timmermans, Bo Van Meervenne, Esra Verboven, Aron Wouters

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Tue 8 May 201820:30Tickets
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Wed 9 May
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