Art and science
a collaboration between SLAC and KU Leuven 

Art and science can elevate each other!

This is the motto of the cooperation between the SLAC visual arts department and KU Leuven, which was launched in the 2016-2017 academic year. The project was appropriately named PiLoT. It concerns a trajectory in which not only the creation of an artwork but also the navigating, experimenting, testing and bridging of the two worlds is the ultimate goal.

Concretely, artists of SLAC/Beeldende Kunst collaborated with KU Leuven scientists on themes in which art and science may encounter one another and be mutually en- riching.The theme of the rst edition of PiLoT is ‘Chaos’.

The call was circulated widely within the university, and at the launch event on 13 October 2016, the participating scientists and artists had the opportunity to meet each other and present their existing work. A number of inspirational lectures and scienti c cases on the theme of ‘Chaos’ were presented by Prof. Katrien Kolenberg, Prof. Peter De Graeve, Prof. Stefaan Vaes, Prof. Christian Maes and Prof. Sylvia Wenmackers.

This event was followed by several encounters at SLAC during which the teams of artists and scientists present- ed their work and discoveries to one another.The rst creations were unveiled at PROCES, the annual exhibition concept of SLAC/Beeldende Kunst. Prof. Johan Wagemans introduced the theme at the SLAC PiLoT TALK #1 on ‘The Balance between Order and Complexity in Aesthetics’.

The entire process was guided by the lecturers of the Interdisciplinary Studio and the Studio for Interactive Medea at SLAC/Beeldende Kunst and supported by the KU Leuven Culture Office and the STEM coordinator at KU Leuven. PiLoT1 will culminate in an exhibition at STUK from 17 to 28 May 2017.

A number of PiLoT1 works about environment and sustainability were created for the international academic conference SETAC, and were exhibited exclusively dur- ing the conference in Brussels from 7 until 11 May 2017. 

Pilot1 is initiated by SLAC/Beeldende Kunst, KU Leuven Culture Of ce and STEM coordination KU Leuven.The project is supported by prof. Katlijn Mal iet (Vice Rector for Culture KU Leuven), prof. Georges Gielen (Vice Rector for Science, Engineering and Technology KU Leuven), Annemie Verbeek (Head of School SLAC/Beeldende Kunst) and Denise Vandevoort (Alderwoman for Culture, City of Leuven). 

Anahit Voskanyan An-Katrien De Roo Ann Smeets Annemie Moriau Beatrijs Albers Brunilda Pali Christiane Aerts Dimitri Coppens
Dirk Demuynck Dominique Genin Ehsan Moravveji
Emanuela Biffi Finub James Shirley FrederikVan de Moortel Gerda Lagrou Hilde Ghesquiere Jim Nijs Johan Govaerts Johan Wagemans Karin Hannes Katrien Kolenberg Katrien Van Nimmen Lies Daenen Lou Bielen Luc De Meester Marc Horemans Marie Nicolini Mark Friers Michiel Mulier Milica Jovanovic Monik Myle Nico Lenaerts Patrick De Nys Paul De Keyser Pieter Thyssen Reggy Timmermans Renilde D’haese Robby Stoks Sarah Coemans Sarah Delcourt Shuktara Momtaz Sylvia Wenmackers Tamara Lodder Valéria Guiot Valérie Delahaye Véronique Vier 

Thanks to teachers of SLAC/Beeldende Kunst, KU Leuven, SETAC, Kunstencentrum STUK, stad Leuven and everyone who helped to create Pilot1. 

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