Playground Platform - closed call to schools

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Playground Platform - closed call to schools

Stephanie Becquet, Raluca Croitoru, Romain Gandolphe, Ana Guedes, Inga Krüger, Ingrid Verweijen, Anyuta Wiazemsky

For this birthday edition, Playground launched a call to several art schools in Belgium and abroad that have visited Playground in the past 10 years. A number of current and former students presented a project tailored for Playground. A selection of their intriguig proposals are shown on Sunday 20 November. STUK shows a series of installations and live performances, while M shows an ongoing activation. The STUK programme is seen as a whole, the entire audience will be guided through the programme. 

14:30 Stephanie Becquet
14:55 Raluca Croitoru
15:20 Drink / Anyuta Wiazemsky 
15:45 Inga Krüger  
16:30 Ingrid Verweijen
16:45 Ana Guedes
17:05 Drink Anyuta Wiazemsky

In collaboration with ENSBA Lyon, Kunstakademie Münster, Piet Zwart Instituut Rotterdam, Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst, Den Haag, KASK School of Arts Gent

Raluca Croitoru is supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute Brussels

STUK Soetezaal
Sun 20 Nov 201614:30 - 17:30

doors open in between the performances

Romain Gandolphe
M  - Museum, ongoing

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