Never ever have we watched more porn than nowadays. With the rise of the internet and websites with amateur videos, the porn industry was subject to large changes. That is, behind many of these websites not a group of amateurs, but in fact a large multinational is holding the reins. How can a group of computer programmers without any experience hijack the entire adult web industry? And what are the consequences? Director and former porn star Ovidie wants to find out.

Pornhub, YouPorn and 35 other companies? There is just one large multinational behind it. The traditional way of working in the porn industry is almost extinct, due to that one multinational. All kinds of websites streaming amateur videos as well as piracy result in the very different manner of porn production and consumption. Studios are going bankrupt, businesses have to shut down, actrices earn less money to do more extreme things. Meanwhile, Fabian Thylmann, one of the great leaders in the porn industry, gets arrested for tax evasion. How do you manage to gain a monopoly on the entire porn industry?
As well as being a filmmaker, Ovidie is a journalist and the author of a dozen books, including Porno Manifesto (2002), a vivid denunciation of the preconceived ideas about the pornographic film industry, a book which lead to her nickname of "feminist porn intellectual".

Documentaire / 2016 / 1:17 / Regie: Ovidie / / Frankrijk / Gesproken taal: Frans / Ondertiteling: Engels / Leeftijdscategorie: AL

Sun 26 Mar 201721:30

Basis: € 8,50

Reductie: € 7,00

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