fABULEUS & GRIP /  Jan Martens
Tue 6, Wed 7 & Thu 8 Nov 18 . 20:30

In 1929 Virginia Woolf stated that female characters are usually defined by their relationship to male characters. The Bechdel test was developed in the 1980s: an informal test to assess the degree of sexism in fiction.


dH+ / David Hernandez + Collaborators
Wed 16 & Thu 17 Jan 19 . 20:30

David Hernandez has been studying the fundamental relationship between music and movement for years. His performances are a form of non-verbal communication for conveying, to the public, emotions and stories.


fABULEUS / Anna Bentivegna, Zoë Demoustier & Ayrton Fraenk
Sat 26 & Sat 26 Jan 19 . 16:00

Three lonely figures are looking for a home. But what exactly does ‘home’ mean? Is home a synonym for a ‘roof over your head’? Or does not having a roof over your head still mean something other than being homeless?


Paradise now (1968 - 2018) [16+]

fABULEUS / Michiel Vandevelde
Tue 8, Wed 9 & Thu 10 May 18 . 20:30

June 1968. At the festival d’Avignon, the famous New York actor’s group The Living Theatre attend the premiere of Paradise Now. The actors want to draw the audience into a state of readiness – ready for action in the world outside the theatre.

White on White

Marc Vanrunxt
Wed 7 Feb 18 . 20:30

White on White is a dance performance created by choreographer 

Elastic Habitat

Helena Dietrich (DE) i.s.m. Janneke Raaphorst (NL)
Thu 16, Fri 17, Sat 18 & Sun 19 Nov 17 . 15:00 - 19:00

Elastic Habitat is an immersive installation, a playground of textile sculptures for the viewer to interact with or wear.


Meryem Bayram (BE/TR)
Sun 19 Nov 17 . 17:00

Meryem Bayram’s work focuses on the relationship between human behaviour and the constructed environment. Using wood, cardboard, and elastic, she creates installations that suggest a physical space while simultaneously challenging the body to change that space.

A Breath cycle

Fabrice Samyn (BE)
Sat 18, Sun 19 & Sun 19 Nov 17 . 19:00

A Breath cycle is a variable and varied collection of performances about breathing. All creations depart from the same protocol: guidelines for performers and audiences, handed out at the start of the performance.

Thu 16, Fri 17 & Sat 18 Nov 17 . 22:30

Outside, it’s dark, and you wish you were holding a glass of whiskey. And then, the music starts ...

Of Balls, Books and Hats

Julien Prévieux (FR)
Thu 16 & Fri 17 Nov 17 . 21:00

Intelligent machines are increasingly important to our society.

Lecture about Sad Music and Happy Dance

Shila Anaraki, Aisha Orazbayeva & Matthew Shlomowitz
Sat 21 Oct 17 . 11:30

What do you experience during a dance performance? Does the music excite or upset you?

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