Raaklijnen [7+]

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Raaklijnen [7+]

keski.e.space & Katrien Oosterlinck

In Raaklijnen three dancers explore the space between people. Within a square space filled with a variety of colourful geometric shapes, the dancers create a unique world in which a different set of rules apply. The dancers play with the distance placed between you and them, and between each of you. Is it the length of an arm, a foot or a finger? Are you close or faraway? And how does it feel to be close-up?

The dancers are your guides and invite you to share and divide the play space with them. In so doing, you experience Raaklijnen from different positions, each time with a fresh  viewpoint. Raaklijnen offers a taste of contemporary dance to children and their parents. A performance without words, yet rich with body language. Together with the dancers, discover the connections between people and the influence others may have on your own way of being.


Every performance is followed by a free visual workshop (40').

Part of the arts festival Rode Hond (3 > 6 November 2016)

creatie Katrien Oosterlinck | dans Marisa Cabal, Charlie Denat & Caroline Mathieu | artistiek advies Alexandra Meijer | danscoach Charlotte Vanden Eynde | geluidsontwerp Pol Vanlaer | lichtontwerp Caroline Mathieu | kostuum Lies Marechal | fotografie We Document Art | vormgeving Sarah Vanbelle | productie keski.e.space i.s.m. Kosmonaut Production

STUK Labozaal
Sat 5 Nov 201615:00
Sat 5 Nov 201616:30
Sun 6 Nov 201611:00
Sun 6 Nov 201614:00
Sun 6 Nov 201616:00

single price €8

Part of the arts festival Rode Hond (3 > 6 November 2016). Tickets on sale from September 8 onwards.

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