rode hond

Edition number 12 of the most adventurous festival for the entire family. A bright and colourful celebration all around the city, with a festival hub in residential care home Edouard Remy. For 3 years and older - full programme & tickets on

rode hond


Dance Karaoke

cie. Willi Dorner
Tue 31 Oct 17 . 19:30

Put on your dancing shoes and be sure to be warmed up: we close off Rode Hond in STUK with a proper party in STUKcafé! 

Het Monsterlijke Hertenbos

Chantal de Wolde
Sat 28, Sun 29, Mon 30 & Tue 31 Oct 17 . 10:00 - 18:00

Fierce trees, prickly bushes, mini mountains and rideable deers ... Visual artist Chantal de Wolde invictes young and old to get lost in her wonderfully colourful deer forest.

Eet je stekels op!

Boîte à Clous en HETPALEIS
Mon 30 & Tue 31 Oct 17 . 15:00

Léopold is sent to the countryside for a breath of fresh air. He ends up at Mamie Ronce's place, an old lady who hates children and lives alone with her dog.

Sun 29 Oct 17 . 14:30 - 18:30

Cake, coffee and a special playlist for young and old, that has to be 

PARTY [6 - 10]

Alfredo Zinola & Maxwell McCarthy
Sat 28 & Sun 29 Oct 17 . 15:00

We’re having a party and you’re invited!


tout petit / Lies Cuyvers & Ciska Vanhoyland
Sa 28 & Su 29 Oct 17

licht! is a performance in which light itself begins to dance.