Seed: The Untold Story

Seed: The Untold Story

Jon Betz, Taggart Siegel

Few things on earth are as wonderful and vital as seeds. Since the dawn of humanity, seeds have been cherished and seen as little specks full of life, containing and delivering the source of all existence. Like little time capsules they contain the history of all cultures. In addition, seeds offer us the prehistoric resources and commodities of our food, clothing, medication... They are, in short, the germs of life itself. But why do we handle them so carelessly at times?

During the last century, 94% of seed varieties has disappeared, mainly because a few gigantic companies manage and almost monopolize the majority of our seeds. But like a true David versus Goliath, a few rebels passionately try to revolt in order to preserve seeds and save them from their downfall. Farmers, scientists and advocates are putting up a fight worldwide to create a future for our food. Because history has already taught us that the definitive disappearance of various seed types can have catastrophic consequences.
The heartwarming story of the defenders of seed diversity is not only contagious in its passionate narration and dazzling with its beautiful cinematography, the documentary also delivers a very fascinating insight into an unknown world. The importance of maintaining seed diversity is clearly represented and proven by various diversity defenders from Minnesota in the US, to Madhya Pradesh in India. A dazzling tribute to the vitality, diversity and beauty of seeds, some of which are as endangered as the polar bear.

Documentaire / 2016 / 1:34 / Regie: Jon Betz, Taggart Siegel / / Verenigde Staten / Gesproken taal: Engels / Leeftijdscategorie: AL

Sun 26 Mar 201717:30
Wed 29 Mar 201721:30

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