Short Matters: Program 1

Short Matters: Program 1

The European Film Awards - the European Oscars, so to speak - will be awarded on December 10, 2016 in Wroclaw (Poland). Fifteen short films will compete for the coveted title of 'Best European Short. Besides fiction films, there are also animated and documentary films. The festival programs them all in three different compilations: four titles fall under European Competition 4, the other titles can be seen in the two programs 'Shorts Matter'.

Home Daniel Mulloy • Kosovo • drama
Amalimbo Juan Pablo Libossart • Estland, Zweden • animatie
Tout Le Monde Aime Le Bord De La Mer Keina Espiñeira • Spanje • docufictie
Le Mur Samuel Lampaert • België • drama
A Man returned Mahdi Fleifel • VK • documentaire

Totale duur: 1u36 • Vertoningen: zo 4/12 (18u) & za 10/12 (19u45) in Labozaal

STUK Labozaal
Sun 4 Dec 201618:00
Sat 10 Dec 201619:45

Basis: € 7,5

Reductie: € 6

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