The Space Between

The Space Between

Katharina Smets, Ingrid Leonard, Inne Eysermans

Audio and video performance as part of Feest van de Filosofie 
This is a try-out, the performance will premiere in 2019.

Video artist and photographer Ingrid, musician Inne and audio producer Katharina research material that comes to life in the space between image, sound and text. A space where a narrative is being constructed when these three elements come together, in the perception and imagination of the audience.

The Space Between is an artistic research project about the empty space between people who otherwise are very close: family, neighbours, friends. Uncomfortable stories that keep haunting us and keep evolving in our memory. Sometimes, this feeling of discomfort and distance can be settled for a short time by machines built to contain memories: in audio, images and music. Based on personal archives and memories, developed the story of a photoshoot near a lake in Poland more than 70 years ago.They will track, dig and reconstruct to try to bridge that space between us in time and distance. They look for a place of stillness in between the whirlwind of history, emotion, and choices made. It is fascinated how we can be manipulated by subjective imagination. Language, image and music each will give meaning in their own way.

STUK Labozaal
Sat 31 Mar 201820:00

Free with a day ticket Feest van de Filosofie 
From 18:30 onwards, you can exchange your day ticket for a ticket for this performance at STUK Reception - limited capacity.

A limited amount of tickets will also be made available for those who do not attend the afternoon programme. If you want to book one of those tickets, please contact STUK Reception via TICKET[AT]STUK.BE

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