As it does every year, Transit stands for adventure and discovery, for believing in the creative impulses of today, for new works by established names and for young talent hoping to be established themselves one day. The programme offers a mix of generations, ensembles and aesthetic perspectives that brings together the wonderful diversity of the newest new music in a single weekend. Come hear the phenomenal sound of the retuned string instruments of Tim Mariën, the bravado of Jennifer Walshe, Claude Ledoux and his LAPS ensemble’s hybrid dialogue with laptops, Peter Ablinger’s inner rocker unchained, the theatrical madness of Alexander Khubeev and Alexander Schubert. While there’s no lack of daring choices here, there is also a place for the solid craftsmanship and ambitious concentration of Pierluigi Billone, Frédéric D’Haene, Vykintas Baltakas, Frederik Neyrinck or Mark André. With Georges Aperghis and Helmut Lachenmann, we have two familiar figureheads on the programme, who may be 75 and 80 respectively, but bring brand-new music that has the same degree of inventiveness as the pieces by the young striplings.

World premieres, Belgian premieres, ensembles and composers making their Transit debuts: Transit offers a look at music as it is now: international, diverse, daring and imaginative.

Watch the Transit 2015 trailer here.



Sat 21 Oct 17 . 11:30

What do you experience during a dance performance? Does the music excite or upset you?

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