Vanity’s Ballroom ( part of ‘A Breath Cycle’)

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Vanity’s Ballroom ( part of ‘A Breath Cycle’)

Fabrice Samyn & Manon Santkin

During a residency in STUK visual artist Fabrice Samyn and choreographer/dancer Manon Santkin work on the performance Vanity’s Ballroom. In Vanity’s Ballroom a couple of dancers dance a waltz, mimicking the music through their breath. Composer Adrian Kurth reworked the score for Dmitri Sjostakovitsj' Waltz N°2 for the dancers' breathing.

Vanity's Ballroom is part of Fabricy Samyn's performance cycle A Breath Cycle. A Breath Cycle consists of five Breath Pieces, a series of performances focusing on breathing. The protocol that forms the base of every performance is an open score, allowing for interaction between the performers and artistic collaborations (in this case with Manon Santkin), creating a framework for audience participation. The protocol will be made public.

Fabrice Samyn
is a visual artist with an oeuvre marked by diversity, both in terms for form (painting, photography, sculptures, installations, ...) as in terms of themes. Samyn works with themes like time and light, the issue of representation in contemporary society, bridging the gap between idolatry and iconoclasm or all other dualities. He is inspired by different conceptual traditions and visual traditions as well as by spiritual traditions (Western and Eastern) to question our idea of time. His visual work also develops a rather performative and participative aspect. 

Manon Santkin is active within the performing arts as dancers, choreographer, artistic advisor, process assistant and writer. She regularly takes part in other artists' production processes as mentor, advisor or dramaturge, switching from an outsider's position to a facilitator of those collaborative processes.

STUK Studio
Mon 15 Aug 2016 - Fri 26 Aug 2016.

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