Virtual Ground

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Virtual Ground

Ief Spincemaille

In Virtual Ground we invite you to hold a small mirroring instrument under your eyes and walk around. It feels like you’re walking on the ceiling, across the boarding, the wall painting or the arches. A simple intervention with a big physical impact. Try to keep your balance as you make your way from the reception, through the hall, on to the inner courtyard.

Part of the arts festival Rode Hond (3 > 6 November 2016)

concept and realisation Ief Spincemaille | distribution Werktank

STUK Onthaal
Thu 3 Nov 201614:00 - 19:00
Fri 4 Nov 201614:00 - 18:00
Sat 5 Nov 201614:00 - 18:00
Sun 6 Nov 201614:00 - 18:00

FREE without reservation 



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