Viva la naturisteraçion! (naturist version)

© Sanne Peper

Viva la naturisteraçion! (naturist version)

De Warme Winkel & De Utrechtse Spelen

This is an exclusive performance for naturists - the audience will take off their clothes in the course of the performance. Unlike the free performances during STUK START, this exclusive naturist performance requires a paid ticket with our usual ticket prices. Please provide your own towel to sit on - without a towel there will be no access to the venue. 

A group of friends decide to turn their backs on society. To found a new, utopian way of living not dominated by materialism, haste and overconsumption. They pitch their tents at naturist campsite Helios; base camp for their expedition to a new beginning. Here, they return to the origin: a naked existence in unspoiled nature. Books such as Walden, in which Henry David Thoreau describes his life in the wilderness, and Richard Ungewitter’s Die Nacktheit in entwicklungsgeschichtlicher, gesundheitlicher, moralischer und künstlerischer Sicht point the way. But what rules do they need to live in freedom? Or should they simply blow up the whole system in an apocalyptic act of cleansing, to see what will be born into the new void? 

For its anarch(ist)ic montage production Viva la Naturisterçion, theatre company De Utrechtse Spelen (Augustus: Oklahoma, Orfeo ed Euridice) joined forces with theatre company De Warme Winkel (Poëten en Bandieten, Kokoschka Live!). The actors have an intimate knowledge of the subject: all but one of them having spent their formative years in naturist colonies, and having studied extensively the theory and origins of naturism. This gives them the benefit of a wealth of personal memories and accumulated knowledge that can serve as the foundation of a new earthly paradise. 

After the succes of last season's thrift store production Jandergrouwnd, De Warme Winkel cannot be wanting from our programme. During STUK START, they will perform Viva la naturisteraçion!, one of the best performances in recent years according to our theatre promotor. No wonder it was selected for the Dutch Theater Festival 2012. Not to be missed! 

concept en spel anne fé de boer, guus boswijk, mark kraan, jeroen de man, joris smit eindregie mara van vlijmen dramaturgielara staal decorontwerp wikke van houwelingen en marloes van der hoek lichtontwerp prem scholte albers kostuumadvies sabine snijders geluidsontwerp florentijn boddendijk en remco de jong geselecteerd voor het nederlands theaterfestival 2012

STUK Soetezaal
Sat 28 Sep 201320:00

basis €16 | reductie €12

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