What Remains Is Future

© David Bergé

What Remains Is Future

David Bergé
an installation and a book by David Bergé
presenting Marc Vanrunxt

What Remains Is Future is an installation and a book by artist David Bergé responding to the archive choreographer Marc Vanrunxt has been developing since 1981.

The use of time and space in Bergé’s installation creates a transient moment where the archive of Marc Vanrunxt becomes only movement and ideas. Rather than attempting to establish a perceived totality of work, Bergé instead renders a physical archive and its totality as ultimately intangible and invisible.

What Remains Is Future is Bergé’s spatial activation of this archive in the present. It includes rescaled replicas of scenographic objects from the archive and a projection of archival photographs, physically appearing and then dissolving so as to stretch present time toward timelessness.

The book What Remains Is Future is a continuation of the installation and will be available for visitors to the work.

David Bergé is a photographer without actually taking pictures. His work tackles the physical aspect of built spaces and the constantly shifting territory. His practice speaks in Immersive Arts: durational photo installations, performative lectures, publications and Silent Walk Pieces. David Bergé's work is produced by the organisation Platform 0090. 

Marc Vanrunxt is a choregrapher and dancer. He investigates the borders of the medium of dance and the language of choreography, by taking into account the possibilities of the body. In his work, he tries to redefine concepts like time, space, energy and presence. Vanrunxt's oeuvre works with oppositions like visible/invisible and tangible/elusive. His artistic vocabulary is rooted in the punk movement and abstract expressionism.

an installation and a book by David Bergé | technical coördinator Gaia Carabillo | sound Ilan Manouach | graphic design studio christos lialios | production assistant Naoual Ben Mahjoub | production Kunst/Werk | co-production Platform 0090 | residencies Studio Katleen Vinck, STUK kunstencentrum | with support of de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

STUK Studio
18 - 23 april 2017


TU – FR 18:00 - 22:00
SA – SU 14:00 - 18:00

On 19 April Marc Vanrunxt presents the performance Prototype in STUK


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